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A Hair Restoration Center and an Affiliate program can help you tap into the 10+ Billion Dollar Market, which to date is only being addressed by the Dermatology field. With a minimum 1,500 sq. ft. area, 2 styling chairs, private consultation room and a state-of-the-art laser, your annual revenue could generate you $500,000+.

The Science and Practice of Trichology is an intensive, four-day seminar that provides students with a comprehensive curriculum and step-by-step blueprint of how to successfully launch, market and sustain their own hair restoration center.

Ventura Center – Woodland Hills, CA

This center was opened by a individual that completed the four day training. With continued support and consultation from Rodney Barnett, this magnificent facility is open and thriving.

Day 1 – Business Development and Management

• How to create a business plan
• How to determine financing needs
• How to track your monthly cashflow
• How to target your market

Day 2 – Hair Shaft Maladies

• Chemistry of the hair
• How certain products affect the hair
• Ph and its concepts
• Product categories and how they work

Day 3 – Hair Root and Scalp Maladies

• Cross sections of the scalp
• Types of Alopecia and solutions
• Identifying disorders of the scalp

Day 4 – Health and Wellness

• How to conduct effective consultations with new clients
• Body systems and how they work
• Nutrition (whole foods, vitamins, minerals, etc.)

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Launch Your Own Hair Restoration Center with Our Proven Turn Key Process!

Our team, led by Rodney Barnett, can provide turn key support and implementation for hair care professionals wanting to expand or re-vamp their current hair restoration center or those who would like to open a center. We walk business owners through the process from start to finish!

Design your lease space


Provide necessary equipment


Create a business plan


Provide tools and products needed to launch the center


Create a financial forecast specifically for your center

We have worked with hair restoration center operators across the country to help them launch and establish successful businesses. Let us do the same for you!

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