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A Hair Restoration Center and an Affiliate program can help you tap into the 5 Billion Dollar Market, which to date is only being addressed by the Dermatology field. With a minimum 1000 sq. ft. area, 2 styling chairs, private consultation room and a state-of-the-art laser, your annual revenue could generate you $500,000+.

The Science and Practice of Trichology is an intensive, four-day seminar that provides students with a comprehensive curriculum and step-by-step blueprint of how to successfully launch, market and sustain their own hair restoration center.

Ventura Center

This center was opened by a individual that completed the four day training. With continued support and consultation from Dr. Barnettt, this magnificent facility is now open.

Day 1 – Business Development and Management

• How to create a business plan
• How to determine financing needs
• How to track your monthly cashflow
• How to target your market

Day 2 – Hair Shaft Maladies

• Chemistry of the hair
• How certain products affect the hair
• Ph and its concepts
• Product categories and how they work

Day 3 – Hair Root and Scalp Maladies

• Cross sections of the scalp
• Types of Alopecia and solutions
• Identifying disorders of the scalp

Day 4 – Health and Wellness

• How to conduct effective consultations with new clients
• Body systems and how they work
• Nutrition (whole foods, vitamins, minerals, etc.)

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