Hair Transplants

Our hair restoration process for men is a quick, safe and comfortable outpatient procedure that gives clients both their hair and confidence back in less than a day! Most clients see growth begin at around 90 days with gradual growth continuing the rest of the year. There are two options available for hair restoration, Men’s Hair Transplants and Stem Cell SMP. Use the button to view details on each process.


100% Natural, Undetectable Results
No one will know but you. You’ll get a fuller, thicker head of hair— and great looks—without ugly hair plugs or a visible scar line.
Breakthrough, Non-Invasive Approach

Other clinics harvest donor hair by stripping skin from the back of the head. With our process you’ll get the results you want minus the scalpel and stitches.

Comfortable Procedure
Sit back, stream movies, browse the web or read a book. You’ll spend the afternoon relaxing in a posh suite while we RESTORE your hair.
Durable Prices

A typical 2000 to 3000 graph procedure, is only $7000, (1/3 of the cost of most reputable hair transplant companies and physicians.

As a bonus, we will cover your air transportation, hotel room, and ground transportation in the US. 

Don’t commit to any other company, without consulting with me first.


To schedule a consultation for any of our groundbreaking hair restoration procedures, call 214-374-3763.

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