Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration utilizes stem cells from one part of the body that are transplanted directly into the hair follicles where those hair cells have died or stopped producing hair. These stem cell implants then become hair cells which promotes new hair growth. With the PRP procedure patients are going to see results in as little as three months or less. The procedure takes about thirty minutes to complete, is painless and does not involve a scalpel like traditional hair implant procedures. Follow up treatment for the PRP procedure includes electrotherapy, scalp exfoliation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cool, low level laser and the finest hair products to further stimulate hair growth.
Our hair restoration process for men is a quick, safe and comfortable outpatient procedure that gives clients both their hair and confidence back in less than a day! Most clients see growth begin at around 90 days with gradual growth continuing the rest of the year.


100% Natural, Undetectable Results
No one will know but you. You’ll get a fuller, thicker head of hair— and great looks—without ugly hair plugs or a visible scar line.
Breakthrough, Non-Invasive Approach
Other clinics harvest donor hair by stripping skin from the back of the head. At RESTORE you’ll get the results you want minus the scalpel and stitches.
Comfortable Procedure
Sit back, stream movies, browse the web or read a book. You’ll spend the afternoon relaxing in a posh suite while we RESTORE your hair.
To schedule a consultation for any of our groundbreaking hair restoration procedures, call 214-202-7592.

Launch Your Own Hair Restoration Center with Our Proven Turn Key Process!

Our team, led by Rodney Barnett, can provide turn key support and implementation for hair care professionals wanting to expand or re-vamp their current hair restoration center or those who would like to open a center. We walk business owners through the process from start to finish!

Design your lease space


Provide necessary equipment


Create a business plan


Provide tools and products needed to launch the center


Create a financial forecast specifically for your center

We have worked with hair restoration center operators across the country to help them launch and establish successful businesses. Let us do the same for you!

We are looking for partners!

Join Our Team as we expand our partnership program throughout the United States and Virgin Islands. If you are a dermatologist who would like to become a PRP provider, please call 214-202-7592 for more information.

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